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Dusty Goods LLC

Dusty Goods LLC is the Retail Outlet and Digital Gallery for artist Dusty Conley.  Original Paintings, Limited Edition Fine Art Prints, Digital Reproductions, and Apparel, are all available throughout  Freelance Graphic Design and Fine Art services are available for commission, please submit inquiries through the Contact form.

Much of my current work incorporates geometric patterns associated with Cymatics, the study of sound wave phenomena and their visual representation.  Sound and frequency have a much larger role in the physical structure of our universe than previously believed.  When cymatic frequencies interact with matter the figures that result are stunning and complex.  There are many examples of these forms in nature both living and inanimate: snowflakes, starfish, flowers, seashells.  My work is an exploration and exercise of locating these patterns in other areas of nature that may be less obvious.  It has almost become a game, a “what does that cloud look like to you” kind of game, only with geometry.  Original patterns generated using GeoKone.

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